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Coach Doug Miles Said:

"Absolutely nothing compares to the Superhandles program. This is the best program available."
- Doug Miles, Head Coach at Marshfield HS
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  • Find Your Skill Rating: You will begin by taking our eval, which takes about 10 minutes. Your level will fall between 0 and 100.
  •  Custom Workout Plan: Your workout plan will be prescribed according to your current skill rating. You will be assigned workouts each day.
  •  Train With The Video: Play one of your prescribed workouts and do it right along with the video (or audio)!
  •  Eval Again: After 30 workouts, do the eval again and repeat the process.
Look How Easy It Is To Get Started...
Lamar Hurd
TV Analyst for the 
Portland Trail Blazers 
"I've played against and seen some of the best players in the country, including Portland's own Brandon Roy and many others, and I can honestly say that Jon's the best ball handler that I've ever seen handle the basketball."
Kyle White
Director of
"I think one of the greatest things about Superhandles is, he's not an NBA player . . . but he's a pro! So I think kids can identify with him more because he's closer to their level... When they see him in action, and to be up close and to learn specifically from Superhandles, it's invaluable. There's no way to get the skill-set that he has without hard work. You can watch an NBA game, and watch Lebron James or Dwayne Wade, and admire their skills and be like, 'Wow! I want to be like him one day.' And then you can come in and actually take part in a Superhandles camp, and see skill-sets that are along the same lines and in some areas even HIGHER. It's inspirational for a kid because they can say to themselves honestly, 'hey, if I put in the work . . . I can be a fantastic player.' And that's what Superhandles brings to these kids."
SLAM Magazine
“Jon ‘Superhandles’ Hildebrandt is widely viewed as one of the best ball-handlers in the world. Through a combination of hard work, determination, and focus, he elevated his handle to an unprecedented level.”
University Packages
Total Value: $26,222+
100 Level Curriculum
Great For All Ages & Levels
Over 130 Workouts!
Much More... (See Above)
FREE 7 Day Trial
Then just $84/Year After 7 Days
 Equates to ONLY $7/MONTH
Total Value: $44,004+
100 Level Curriculum
Great For All Ages & Levels
Over 250 Workouts!
Much More... (See Above)
FREE 7 Day Trial
Then just $144/Year After 7 Days!
 Equates to ONLY $12/MONTH
Total Value: $26,222+
100 Level Curriculum
Great For All Ages & Levels
Over 130 Workouts!
Much More... (See Above)
FREE 7 Day Trial
Then just $10/Month After 7 Days!
Total Value: $44,004+
100 Level Curriculum
Great For All Ages & Levels
Over 250 Workouts!
Much More... (See Above)
FREE 7 Day Trial
Then just $20/Month After 7 Days!
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NOTE: You can upgrade or downgrade your package after enrolling.
Which Package Is Right For You?
The Standard Package is a terrific starting point. You'll have access to over 130 workouts in our 100-level curriculum. 

But if you want access to all the workouts in our curriculum, go with the Elite Package. With additional workouts, there will be more drills, moves, shots, and passes drilled. And if you sign up yearly, it equates to only $12 per month

For example, the Iverson Crossover Secrets workouts are only included in the Elite Package of the University. These are highly detailed workouts that cover a special crossover move that Allen Iverson made famous. Most trainers teach this move in a vague manner, or confuse it with the Shift Crossover, but we go deep into this move in these workouts.

Another example is the Unstoppable Scoring Workouts. We currently have 20 of these in the University. The first couple are included in the Standard Package, but ALL are included in the Elite Package.

If a player is dedicated to following the University curriculum daily, then tremendous progress can be made... and it's measurable!

You can upgrade or downgrade your package after enrolling. And you can try it out for free, so what do you really have to lose?
If You Can't Measure Your Skills, You Can't Maximize Them...
What's Your Rating?
Every player in the world falls between level 0 and level 100. Learn why finding your current skill level is the first step toward achieving basketball skill mastery. If you miss this step, you'll never reach your potential.
Customized Workout Plan
Based on your rating, your next 30 days of workouts will be prescribed to your specific level. You will no longer have to randomly choose drills and hope that they help you. Our evaluation will determine your weaknesses and prescribe the optimal workout curriculum for maximum results.
Game-Ready Curriculum
Discover the process we have fine-tuned that can rapidly develop and prepare your skills to become Game-Ready in the shortest possible time. This quantitative skill transformation process (it can be measured) encompasses our rating system, over 250 workouts, detailed Game-Ready instruction, and more. Have you been able to execute specific skills while practicing by yourself but struggle to use these skills in games? Our Game-Ready curriculum is the answer to your problem.
Track Your Results Daily
In addition to the monthly evaluation, your performance during each of your workouts should be tracked, recorded, and compared to your previous workouts. This can be easily done through our Workout Tracking System, which can be accessed online or through our iPhone/Android App. Your statistics can then be graphed and compared over various time periods, which include day-to-day, week-to-week, and month-to-month intervals. This tool is powerful!
CASE STUDY: 95.2% Skill Increase In ONLY 2 WEEKS!
Once a player starts to measure his/her skills in Superhandles University, and follows the workout plan that is prescribed, massive skill progress can be made. Johnny Feltner made the following post about his son Landen on our basketball social network (Hoopfolio):
Landen enhanced his skills by 95.2% in ONLY 2 weeks! 

This is the type of progress that is possible in Superhandles University. 

Just think about this... Landen almost doubled his skill level in only 2 weeks

What if your skills (or your child or grandchild's skills) were 50% better than they are now? 

What if your skill level was doubled

What if you added 20 points to your Skill Rating and developed the ability to handle double team pressure and create shots off the dribble?

Just imagine the impact that you could have on a game if you (or your child or grandchild) had a skill makeover like the above examples.

Chris Fitzsimonds said, "A kid being able to see their progress with numbers is a game changer."

He said this after his son's Skill Rating progressed from a 3.4 to a 6.5 in ONLY 1 Month.

A player's skills can truly be transformed in Superhandles University...

The question is, will you be next?
Are You A Coach?
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Measure Your Skills and EXPLODE Your Skill Growth!
Did you know that most basketball players are simply wasting their practice time?
The sad thing is that some players are really working hard to develop their skills and are putting in the time. But they fall short of their game-ready potential.
Why is this?
Well, the big problem is the lack of game-ready Skill Analytics. Most players aren't measuring their skill level or their progress!
And we've found that if you can't measure your skills, you won't be able to maximize them! 

In short, you will be wasting time. 

Furthermore, without a comprehensive method to measure your skills, you won't be able to follow a precise game-ready workout plan that is customized for your exact skill level.
If a player is not following this type of workout plan, he/she won't progress as quickly or efficiently. 

If you're a parent or grandparent, this means that your child or grandchild will not reach his/her skill potential! 
In addition, you won't be able to objectively tell how much your skills (or your child or grandchild's skills) are progressing!
This is a BIG problem!
But I want you to know something... it's not your fault.
You may have learned drills from your coaches, or from trainers on YouTube, and you're trying your best...  
But if you are unable to measure and track your skill level, you are limiting your potential.
But there's good news!

This can be easily done in Superhandles University. Through over 20 years of testing, we've fine-tuned a skill evaluation system that will determine how good a player's skills are from level Zero to level 100.
Most dedicated players could be improving much faster while doing shorter workouts than they are currently doing. Let me expand on this a little bit...
We have discovered and fine-tuned the secret formula for achieving basketball skill mastery, and the first step you need to do is to find your rating

This can quickly be done be taking our 100 level evaluation, which will provide you with a skill level rating on a scale from zero to 100. 

Then based on your rating, your next 30 days of workouts will be prescribed in your workout calendar.
Watch this short video...
These are specifically assigned to transform your skills as quickly as possible toward mastery

This is something that most players never achieve, and will unlock the door to higher levels of mastery!

The secret process that makes this happen is an art and a science we call Skill Mastering
Are You Ready
To Become A
All Ages. All Skill Levels.
Every Player
Regardless Of Age Or Level Of Play
Will Rate Somewhere Between
You may ask...

"What if I'm a beginner and I've never played before?"


"What if my son or daughter is 3 years old?"

In both cases, the answer is the same. 

Begin by taking the eval to get your Skill Rating (or your child or grandchild's Skill Rating).

Then enter your Skill Rating into the Workout Calendar, and the next 30 days of workouts will be planned out according to your Rating.
You may now be wondering the following:

"What if I'm a high school player?"


"What if I'm a college player?"


 "What if I'm a professional player?"
The answer to each of these questions is the same...
Your Rating
will fall somewhere between
0 - 100
Once your Rating is determined, enter it into the Workout Calendar and your next 30 days of workouts will appear.

The contents of these workouts, as well as the order in which they are assigned, are specifically formulated to achieve game-ready skill mastery in the shortest time possible.

We recommend doing a minimum of at least one of the assigned workouts per day.

There will always be at least one 10-minute workout option each day, so if you're short on time, you can still do a workout and progress up the Superhandles 100!
Watch this video to see how the Workout Calendar works...
The Workout Process
We think the workout process should be easy, efficient, and enjoyable. 

Reading a workout off a sheet of paper should be a last resort. But for many outdated programs on the market, this is how workouts are done. 

Not so with Superhandles workouts! 
After clicking an assigned workout in your Workout Calendar, the workout video will then appear on the screen. 

At this point, you can play the video and perform the workout while the video is playing. 

Won't this be great?! 

Jon "Superhandles" Hildebrandt will lead you through each workout. 

“...Whenever I watch the videos, I feel like Jon Hildebrandt is talking directly to me. Superhandles University! Let's Go! It ain't lollipops and candy canes!”  - Anthony Mack - Marion, IA
You will be given time throughout the workout to document your stats and stay hydrated.

Once you complete your workout, click the Add Workout Stats button, select the categories that were in your workout, and enter you statistics.

This can easily be done on a desktop computer, a mobile smartphone, a tablet, or on an iPhone through the Superhandles app.
Skill Analytics
The continued documentation of your ratings and workout statistics will provide you with data to compare and analyze.

This information can be used to pin-point areas that need work while also objectively showing increased proficiency in a particular area.

This is valuable information!  And it can be quite encouraging, too!
Over 270 Game-Ready Workouts!
Yes, you read that correctly.

The top package in our University includes over 270 Game-Ready workouts, which cover over 4,000 drills.

These workouts cover shooting, dribbling, passing, footwork, conditioning, and more.

We plan to continue to add even more to the University.
But don't let these big numbers overwhelm you.
You won't be randomly selecting workouts. 
You'll be following the workout plan that is customized for your specific level.
Would you like to be able to create and make shots against intense defensive pressure? 

Well, it will be vital for you to follow your custom workout plan, because the curriculum is formulated to maximize skills that are game-ready

This isn't about preparing yourself to shoot when nobody is guarding you.
This isn't about fancy dribbling against weak defenders.

But this IS about maximizing your mastery of game-ready skills as quickly as possible.

Each workout is made up of a fine-tuned selection of drills and they are structured according to our game-ready objectives. The drills aren't randomly ordered!
You Could Use This Curriculum For Your Whole Basketball Life. 
As we have already covered, every player in the world would fall somewhere between zero and 100. This means that you could potentially use our University curriculum throughout your entire basketball life. You will continually be challenged to progress up the Superhandles 100 and maximize your level of mastery.
Game-Ready Shooting, Dribbling, Scoring, Passing, and More.
Through Superhandles Skill Stacking, you will often be drilling more than one thing at a time. For example, we could be drilling one dribble move (we cover over 200 legal moves) to a Side 1-2 Pull-Up (one of 5 core ways to pull-up).

Furthermore, one particular move will have a number of components that need to implemented to optimize the potential game-ready effectiveness of the move. 
Extremely Detailed
We will provide you with detail that is specific for your needs within our curriculum.
Do you have an iPhone or Android?
The Superhandles App makes accessing the University curriculum even easier.

Through this app, you can stream your workouts, enter your workout stats, communicate with others, and more!
Take a look at how easy it is to use the Superhandles App...
 Don't have an iPhone or Android? Don't worry, our website is mobile optimized and can be easily accessed through your mobile browser.
When You Enroll, You Will
Instantly Become A Part Of
An Exclusive Group Of
Players and Coaches
You will be able to connect with other University members through your Hoopfolio page.

This is an exclusive feature we added to our basketball social network that enables you to specifically make a post that can only be seen by people who are in the University.

This can be used to ask questions regarding the curriculum, post video, encourage one another, and more!

Won't it be great to have community with other like-minded players, parents, and coaches? Come join us!
If You're Sick And Tired Of All The Hype, Scams, and Big Claims You Have Seen Online, Then Read These Amazing Success Stories From Real People...
   "In over 40 years of coaching and playing the game of basketball, I have never seen an instructional program that can yield such amazing and quick results as the Superhandles program. 
When I think of Jon Hildebrandt on the basketball court, one word comes to mind, UNGUARDABLE! When I think of the Superhandles Advantage Program, another word comes to mind, REVOLUTIONARY!"
BRUCE MOORE - Former Head Coach, Riverview High School & Amity High School
"The Superhandles 100 level program is easy to use and allows the player to set goals and see immediate and long term success. It is simply the best and most affordable program available for the basketball player who really wants to be a special player... I have purchased a huge variety of videos and how-to programs to try to help my players improve. Absolutely nothing compares to the Superhandles program. This is the best program available."
DOUG MILES - Head Coach, Marshfield High School
"My son got hooked on the training and was doing at least two workouts a before school...and one after school. Him and I both saw progress within the first couple of days and that lead to playing with a greater confidence and swagger in his rec league. He started getting to the basket more for easy layups. His head was up more while dribbling so he was making much quicker passes. Feeling those improvements come so quickly made him consume even more of the videos...whether it was doing them in our basement, out on the driveway, or just watching them before bed. He was so pumped to go from a 3.4 to a 6.5 in just 30 days. School is almost out and he's already told me he wants to spend the entire summer doing your videos, practicing baseball, and just being a kid. It also helped that his high school's basketball team just won the class A state championship. That motivated him a lot to want to be like those kids.
Thanks again for putting this program together. A kid being able to see their progress with numbers is a game changer."
Superhandles University Has Already Helped Players Around The World...
The Question Is, Are YOU Next?
How Much Is This Worth?
That's a lot of value, isn't it?!
But don't worry. We're not going to charge you $44,004 for our top University package.
In fact, you can actually try out our two University packages for FREE for 7 days.
So, What's The Catch...?
There is NO catch. We're going to let you test drive our University for FREE for 7 days because we know that after you start following the curriculum, you'll wish you had started sooner! We want you to try it out so you can see how well it works!

Is There A Guarantee?
Of course. :) We guarantee that you'll quickly see measurable skill mastery in Superhandles University, and if for some reason you decide later that you no longer want to be in the University, you can easily cancel without any penalties or fees. Just navigate to the 'Cancel University' link on your account page to cancel. 

We don't believe in any long term contracts so you can come and go as you please. We want you to try it out for free for 7 days! This will give you time to find your rating and get started on your prescribed curriculum. If you don't like the massive transformation you will experience, you can easily cancel on your account page. What do you really have to lose?

I know I can cancel within the free 7 days. But can I cancel once in the monthly payment system? Or is there a long-term commitment?
There is no long term commitment. You can cancel at any time! Just click the 'Cancel University' link on your account page.

Furthermore, if you sign up for a yearly plan, and you decide to cancel during this time period, you will still have access to the University for the remainder of your year.

Are there refunds?
No. You can try out the University for free 7 days, so you can begin to experience a measurable skill transformation before you pay a penny. 

Can the videos be downloaded?
The videos can be streamed, but they cannot be downloaded. You will have access to the videos for as long as you are enrolled in the University. The audio workouts can be downloaded, though. This will enable you to be led through your workouts at locations that do not have wifi or wireless reception. You won't have to read a drill list to perform a workout, which is a common workout method in the outdated programs of our day. We do provide a drill list for various workouts, but using these sheets to do your workouts would be a last resort!

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